Roger Reynolds' Justice

A musical/dramatic presentation of Clytemnestra's primary scenes from Reynolds' text, The Red Act, drawn from the plays of Euripides and Aeschylus. West Coast Premiere 2012: Tiffany Du Mouchelle, soprano; Stephen Solook, percussion; Alice Teyssier, actress; Paul Hembree, computer musician.

Bryan Christian's Ignota

Percussion and the human voice are two of the world's oldest instruments. Found in every musical culture throughout the world, their importance in music making is highly evident. Up until now their relationship in western classical music has been unequal and underrepresented in the repertoire. Ignota by composer Bryan Christian allows the first equal conversation between these instruments in this musical genre. Expanding from voice to percussion and percussion to voice imitative relationships of compositions such as Berio's Circles, Recitation No. 13 by Aperghis, and Toucher by Globokar, Christian has created an entirely new language that allows these instruments their first opportunity to speak on an equal plane. Ignota is a highly significant composition for the development of this repertoire that has been largely ignored by western classical music composers.

Albert Carbonell's Divan del Tamarit

Returning to the folk origins of both percussion and voice, Carbonell sets Lorca's Casidas and Gacelas from Divan del Tamarit. Fusing flamenco influences with contemporary composition, this full concert length work is raw, expressive, warm, and passionate.

Cultures in Harmony

Through the universal language of music, Cultures in Harmony's collaborative projects foster lasting relationships between American musiciansand musicians from various other parts of the world. Projects encourage cross-cultural dialogue that improves relations between the U.S. and the rest of the world.
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